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Well-Being​ ​Survey​ ​Summary​ ​October​ ​2017​
At the beginning of September, teachers worked with their classes to create a shared definition of what belonging looks like/sounds like and what safety looks like/sounds like at school. The teachers then gave the students in Grades 3 to 8 the opportunity to answer some open response questions.

The Annual PIC Conference
What is it? 
  • Parent Engagement Conference
  • Held Each Year in October
  • Almost 700 registered guests this year
  • Open to all parents and teachers in Halton and Neighbouring Boards
  • Focus on Primary, Intermediate and High School Children
  • Speakers are board staff or consultants
Click here to read more to read about event highlights and details!

*NEW* medication protocol beginning in the 2017-18 school year
If your child will require ANY medication while at school (antibiotics, epipen, puffers etc.), we require a completed form signed by the prescribing physician to be on file at the school. These forms were part of the packages that went home to those with asthma and anaphylaxis, but if your child should become ill and a visit to the doctor is warranted, please bring a copy of this form with you to be signed in the event that antibiotics are prescribed and will be required to be taken at school. Additional forms can be found under the "forms" tab at the right of this home page. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

School Cash-Online
It's the easy way to pay for all your school related fees. Not yet signed up for School Cash Online? Watch the video link below to help you set up your account.

2017-18 Sunningdale Class List by OEN Number
Class lists will be posted on the front doors of the school as well as on our website. Due to Freedom of Information guidelines, student names may not be listed. Class lists will be comprised of both the student OEN (Ontario Education Number) which can be located on your child’s report card, and your child’s HDSB student number. In keeping with Ministry of Education primary class caps and collective agreements around class size, the school may be required to change class compositions until the end of September (due to increased or decreased enrollment).

Updated as of 2:45pm (01/09/2017) with completed teacher names/grades.

Looking for access to Raz-Kids and Dreambox this summer?

Are you a winner?! Click the link below to view the winning numbers from Sunningdale's Photo Club Photo Draw. A big thank you to all for your continued support of this growing club! If you've won, please bring your matching ticket to the office to claim your prize by Friday December 23, 2016.

New Volunteering Requirements
HDSB has a new requirement with respect to an Annual Offence Declaration for volunteers. Returning volunteers to Sunningdale, with a Criminal Background Check (with vulnerable sector screening) on file at the school, will be required to complete the attached 
HDSB Annual Offence Declaration Form for Volunteers. This completed form will be kept on filae at Sunningdale. 

Note: There are many online background check services (e.g., on the internet. These services do not include vulnerable sector screening, a requirement for HDSB volunteering.  

In the forms folder below, you will also find both a streamlined volunteer application form and an annual offence declaration form. Updated volunteer information is also posted at our new Board website:

Sunningdale Web Forms Folder


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