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A signed form from the prescribing doctor must accompany all medication coming into the school that must be administered by staff (antibiotics, Epipen, etc). These forms were sent home in Anaphylaxis/Asthma packages in June, and will also be available at the school for those medications that are more temporary such as antibiotics.

These documents are required for all students with anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes or seizure disorders.  These forms are handed out at the beginning of the year to those students and completed forms returned to the school so that we may keep your child safe.

Should your child develop one of these medical conditions mid-year, please let the office and classroom staff know immediately, and complete and return the appropriate form(s) along with any medication as soon as possible.

We can administer prescription medication in the office when necessary, so long as the proper paperwork (Medication permission form) is filled in and we have a bottle and proper syringe/cup for measurement. We also appreciate having a bottle that can stay at school for the duration of the prescription. 

Please note that for safety reasons, students cannot carry medication around with them with the exception of an asthma inhaler or epipen.