In the 2018/19 school year, the Halton District School Board transitioned to a new Student Absence Reporting system called SchoolMessenger. This continues to be the board's method of communication.

This is the system used for:
  • Reporting student absences
  • Receiving all messages and phone calls from your child's school

You may alternatively use the HDSB Mobile App for reporting student absences. Download this FREE App on the App Store and Google Play (search for “Halton District School Board” or “HDSB”).

If you wish to report an absence by phone, please call (Toll-free) 1-877-409-6310.

School Attendance Procedures

Early Dismissal & Late Arrival:

The new School Messenger system will now be used by parents for reporting late arrival or early departure.

If your child is LATE coming to school, you need to report it on School Messenger and they must stop at the office and SIGN IN to receive a late admission slip. You are not required to come in to sign in your student. 

If you are picking your child up EARLY before the end of the school day (3:45 pm), you MUST report this information in the student attendance portal prior to 9:30 am. This information will be shared with the teachers so that they will be aware that your child will be leaving early. Please plan early pick-ups for before 3:30 pm, as after this time students are packing up to leave and it is more difficult to call into the classroom. As well, from 3:30 onward, the buses will be arriving in the front parking lot, and cars will be blocked in until after 4:00 pm. Students need to be SIGNED OUT by a parent or designated emergency contact only in the office binder. Any change to regular/emergency pick up person needs to be accompanied by written permission to the office. 

Any CHANGE in the Regular After School Arrangements:

If a student's regular school arrangements change on a specific day (e.g., not riding the bus today), please put a note in their agenda for the teacher. If your student is in Grade 7 or 8, please send an email to your child, with a cc to the teacher, indicating this change (Gr 7 and 8 will not have paper agenda this year). Please note that these special after school instructions should be shared with your child before the start of the school day, as they will not be able to access their personal devices during the school day and may miss this important information.