Student Technology Use and Expectations

Sunningdale Public School Student Technology Use Agreement

  • Technology that is brought to school (can include, but is not limited to iPhone, cell phone, iPod, MP3 Player, Personal Gaming Devices, iPad, laptop) is to remain TURNED OFF and in the student’s locker (backpack in lower grades) during school hours.
  • It is NOT recommended that students bring technology to school unless the teacher has requested this as a tool for learning, as it could be subject to loss or theft.
  • The technology should be turned off before entering the school, and should remain off until the student has returned home or left the school property (including not using the technology on the bus).
  • Technology may be used in class for educational purposes under teacher supervision and direction.
  • Technology should NOT be used in the hallways, on the playground, in bus line, at the locker, or on the bus.
  • If a student needs to contact a parent, this is done with permission from the office, and using the office phone.

If a student does not follow the above expectations, the following consequences will occur:

  1. First offense, verbal warning.
  2. Second offense, teacher takes the device, speaks to the student, and stores the device in a secured location. If the teacher would like it stored at the office, the teacher can bring it to the office. The device is returned at the end of the day.
  3. Third offense, student and device sent to the office, device remains in the office until the end of the day, an administrator will speak to the student. A letter is sent home to parents for signature and return that explains the student will not be able to participate in any Bring I.T. activities for one week.
  4. Subsequent offenses, student and device sent to the office as above and letter sent home as above. Repeated offenses may result in further consequences.